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Artful inspirations

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It is my belief that my first steps begin with dreams.

The early steps I took were pursuits of art that enchanted me.

My journey culminated into the books now grasped by your hands.

“Artful Inspirations” is a trilogy book series consisting of Create - Collect - Decorate.

While the volumes have distinct titles, you will find transitions across the volumes due to their close relationship. The pages, which consist of compositions I have prepared in a poster approach, were carefully selected from approximately seven thousand photographs taken by my husband Faruk Sile, a graphic designer and professional photographer.

My sources of inspiration, the collections that emerged from the objects I have gathered over many years, reflect insights I acquired during the years I worked as an artist, designer, and decorator. When I speak of collections, you should not merely think of physical objects; memories, too, I collected and wrote on them as if I had a chat with you. 

You will discover my stories of what I observed while traveling some parts of the world, the things that gave me inspiration and left an impression on me, and the topics that are dear to my heart. Although I have lived in the United States for forty years, it would not be possible for me to not speak of the love in my heart and the longing I feel for the legendary city of Istanbul, where I was born and raised, as well as my beautiful home country of Türkiye.  

Through my books, I desire to leave a mark on daily living with small artistic touches and aim to present my “Life Exhibition.”

I did it my way,