Toprak, Ateş, Sır (İngilizce)

Garo Kürkman
Model Kitap
325,00 TL

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<div style="position: absolute; color: #f82e00; font-size: 15px; font-weight: bold; top: -100px; left: 0px">Bu ürünün teslim süresi 4 gündür!</div> Some aspects of art history are inevitably overshadowed, and attracting less attention are inadequately researched and evaluated. This happens particularly when one branch or period of a country's art rises to the fore and casts a dazzling light in which other close and similar forms pale into indignifıcance. arts which are so outshone do not receive the appreciation they really deserve, the brigjht of their illustrious fellow over shadwowed arts possess unexpected riches, uniqe flavours and unforeseen depths thath await discovery by the alert arthistorian, the sharp eyed collector, and the art lover who enjoys following rarely trodden paths.<br /> (Önsöz'den)